Queen Dessert Goan Bebinca Mumbai

Goan Bebinca Mumbai at Gables is one of the few places in where you can taste this rich goan sweet. Popularly known as the queen of Goan desserts, it has coconut milk as the primary ingrediant. We get our stock straight from Goa. This ensures authenticity in the taste. Packaging of the Goan Bebinca comes in the form of half kg blocks that we retail over the counter. For our in house customers, we offer this dessert cut in two slices with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

goan bebinca mumbai

goan bebinca mumbai

Goan Bebinca Mumbai

The art of making this beautiful goan dessert is the time consuming and laborious method of combining the coconut milk dough and into layers, one at a time and baking it after each layer is baked. In our version of Bebinca that we sell at Gables, it has 10 layers.


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