goan food in colaba

goan food in colaba is your last stop for goa sausages, sorpotel, bebinca and much more.

Start of your day with our Full english breakfast, which is also available through out the day. It consists of the cold cuts of the day, these may include sausages, ham, bacon, salami. Also we offer along with it two eggs, either fried, omelette or scrambled, customizable as per your liking.

goan food in mumbai


Another seafood specialty that you wont find in other restaurants in Mumbai is the Bombay duck or bombil. We first butterfly cut open the fresh bombay duck along the side and keep it pressed to drain the excess water.After this, it is marinated in our freshly ground recheado masala which is both spicy as well as tangy. Lastly it is coated in rava and fried to a crisp.

bombay duck colaba

The most famous dessert that Goa offers is a rich delicasy called Bebinca, that is made with coconut and baked. We serve this with Vanilla ice cream on the table and for our take out customers we offer this goan dessert in a quarter kg packaging, reasonably priced at rs.110.


goan bebinca in mumbai

goan bebinca in mumbai

goan sausages in mumbai goan sausages in mumbai

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