About us

Gables was conceptualized and setup in 1956 by Joseph “Gable” Fernandes who at the time, was a confectionery and pastry chef at the Taj Mahal Hotel.Later he joined  his father in law  who was running Wales – a Bakery cum restaurant on the same block that was setup in the early 1940’s until 1995 .It served a variety of cakes, pastries,patties,baked goods and a few years later the goan food section and beer bar was introduced .After a few years at Wales he started Gables,just 3 shops away.

Gables ,now in its 63rd year of operation,we continue that tradition of serving great food under the same roof. Managed by the
third generation of the family,it is now run by son Stephen and grandson Joel. Amongst other things,the family now has business interests in real estate and import,with many more to follow,but till now,the legacy of Gables still stands.