Bebinca in Mumbai

Bebinca in Mumbai – Queen dessert Goan Bebinca in Mumbai at Gables is one of the few places in where you can taste this rich goan sweet. Popularly known as the queen of Goan desserts, it has coconut milk as the primary ingredient. We get our stock straight from Goa and is homemade-we do no use the commercially packed variety. This ensures authenticity in the taste.

*Edit – We now also retail Costas bebinca 500 gm packs due to logistics problem of home made bebinca

bebinca in mumbai

Packaging of the Goan Bebinca comes in the form of half kg blocks ( or wheels)  that we retail over the counter. For our in house customers, we offer this dessert cut in two slices with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

goan bebinca mumbai

goan bebinca mumbai

For all those who do not know what Bebinca is, it is a cake that is not raised using baking powder. It contains only eggs,flour,sugar and the most important Goan coconut milk. The process of baking is is difficult, as there are many layers to this unleavened cake. Approximately ten layers of batter are carefully baked one at a time. Its a time consuming and difficult process, but worth it at the end. Once you taste this dessert, its the best you can get to Goa here in Mumbai

Goan Bebinca in Mumbai

The art of making this beautiful goan dessert is the time consuming and laborious method of combining the coconut milk dough and into layers, one at a time and baking it after each layer is baked. In our version of Bebinca that we sell at Gables, it has 10 layers.

bebinca in mumbai

In this above picture is a quarter portion of a half kilo ring that is transported to us directly from Goa. We do not believe in buying packaged Bebinca as that contains preservatives and does not taste the same as the real home made variety. This is the reason you will only get home made bebinca in mumbai here at Gables. You can also order Bebinca from Swiggy and get it delivered to your home.

You can buy it as a dessert on the table for Rs.100 or take it away as a half kg wheel/ slab for Rs.350.Costaz Bebinca is available in half kg slabs for Rs.280.

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