Goan food in Mumbai

Goan food in Mumbai – Gables restaurant in Colaba is one of the last standing goan restaurants in Mumbai. You can come here for some lip smacking spicy Goan food in Mumbai. Savor the seafood and meat preparations or choose from our daily specials menu that rotates to accommodate the catch of the day.The reason goan food tastes so good, is because most of the dishes are prepared with fresh masalas that are ground in coconut vinegar. This gives gives it that unique edge.

Goan food in Mumbai

Some of our noteworthy preparations are:

1.Goa Sausages

2. Mackeral

3.Bombay duck

4.Fish and Prawn Thali

5.Prawns, Chips,Salad

6.Baked Crab

7.Full English Breakfast

8.Vindalo(Prawn, Pork, Chicken)

9.Mix Grill

10.Mushroom risotto


Goan food in Mumbai Goan food in Mumbai goan food in mumbai goan food in mumbai


Goan Food in Mumbai

is a fast dissapearing cuisine that is now available in less than 5 eateries in the city.


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