Goan food in Mumbai

Goan food in Mumbai – Gables restaurant in Colaba is one of the last standing goan restaurants in Mumbai. You can come here for some lip smacking spicy Goan food. Savor the seafood and meat preparations or choose from our daily specials menu that rotates to accommodate the catch of the day.

The reason goan food tastes so good, is because most of the dishes are prepared with fresh masalas that are ground in coconut vinegar. This gives gives it that unique edge.

Goan food in Mumbai

Some of our noteworthy preparations are:

1.Goa Sausages – Our most famous dish on the menu – Delicious,spicy,sour preparation that is bought from Goa and is of the home made variety,not commercial.You can either try this as a chilly fry,that can be eaten with pao, OR as a goan sausage pulao that is equally lip smacking!

2. Mackeral –

Our bangda recheado fry is made with a generous stuffing of in house rechad masala that is prepared with goan toddy vinegar.After stuffing the fish,it is lightly coated with rava and deep fried to a crisp.

3.Bombay duck

Bombay duck or bombil is one of our fastest selling seafood items,simply because it is not available in many places in the city.We first butterfly cut the fish,then press the fresh bombil to remove excess water,then apply masala,and finally coat with rava for a crispy fried finish!It is a long and cumbersome process,but is totally worth the effort.

4.Fish and Prawn Thali

Our seafood thalis – Rawas -boneless,prawns,bombay duck and special are the 4 variants of thalis that are served here.All come with the fried seafood of choice,rice,kokum drink,coconut curry,papad and salad.Very reasonably priced and good quantity to fill up even a good eater.

5.Prawns, Chips,Salad

Out take on the fish and chips,but by popular demand,we now serve crispy golden fried prawns

6.Baked Crab

Though not always on the menu,this special is done in the thermidor style.It is scooped out of the shell,cooked in a bechamel cheese sauce,stuffed back in and then baked!

7.Full English Breakfast

Out premier breakfast dish consisting of two eggs,salami,cocktail sausages,ham and butter toast.This is available all through the day and can be even had for lunch or supper.Its the perfect brunch item if you are not too much in the mood for a heavy meal.

8.Vindalo(Prawn, Pork, Chicken)

Our cindalos are spicy! ground with goan coconut vinegar,the pork vindaloo is the original and the best of the lot,something that shouldn’t be missed.If you can handle the heat then you should definitely give these a try.

9.Mix Grill

If you come to gables and do not try the Mix Grill,you are missing out on life!If you want to indulge on something that fell from heaven,you need to have our mix grill-not for the faint hearted or for the cholesterol conscious! – It is a mix of chicken,sausages,chips, ham,salami and egg.

10.Mushroom risotto

Not a regular menu item,but you can expect this italian rice dish in the winter months.For someone who is not a fan of the fiery goan curries,you can try this bland cheesy sticky rice dish,served with a tangy tomato compote on the side.


Goan food in Mumbai Goan food in Mumbai goan food in mumbai goan food in mumbai




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