Sorpotel in Mumbai

Sorpotel in Mumbai  – If you are ever in colaba in south mumbai,you can drop in for the best lip smacking authentic pork sorpotel.We make it the traditional way with small diced pieces of pork meat and a small dose of pork liver for flavour.We DO NOT add other organs or blood.

If you want specifically a batch pork sorpotel without pork liver and just the meat,we can do that too for you on prior order.

Sorpotel in Mumbai

Sorpotel in Mumbai – Our method of preparation

After dicing the meat into small pieces,we mix it with the masala and keep it overnight for marination.

the next morning we cook it on slow flame for over 2 hours,so that all the delicious juices are extracted from the meat as well as the small pieces of fat can melt into the gravy and give that finishing touch.

AFter the first cook,we cool it down and keep it in the fridge for another night.This ensures that the taste matures because of the coconut vinegar.

On the second morning we cook it once again and only now is it ready to serve.

This is the reason you need to call and order at least 2 days before hand so that you get the best taste of our pork sorpotel.This dish is also available per plate in the restaurant priced at Rs.145.

You can relish it here at Gables with pao or rice.


We use coconut vinegar from Goa only for our grinding of masala and also add a dash of it to the ready pork sorpotel before serving.


How is Pork sorpotel different from pork vindalo?

Apart from the obvious size of the cuts of meat in the gravy- pork vindalo has large chunks whereas sorpotel has tiny bits.There is also the addition of liver in the sorpotel that you wont find in the vondalo.

However the main point that differentiates both these dishes is the cooking times for both.Vindalo is made in one go,whereas pork sorpotel needs 2.5 hours to fully prepare.

Sorpotel and Goa Sausages

Although both these have similar colors and aromas,there is a huge difference in the method of preparation and taste.Goa Pork sausages are much tangier and stronger in flavour as compared to sorpotel.

This is because the sausages are marinated in the vinegar and masala paste for anywhere from 2 weeks to few months in the casing.Comparatively,sorpotel is tiny bits of pork meat and liver that is marinated for a few hours and then cooked on a slow flame for a few hours.The biggest difference is that sausages are a cured meat and sorpotel is not.


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