Swiggy Vs Zomato – A Restaurants point of view

Swiggy Vs Zomato – A Restaurants point of view – I have read many comparisons of these two food delivery platforms,but all are from a consumers point of view.Here ill try to give you my personal experience of a restaurant perspective after having dealt with both these companies.

Swiggy Vs Zomato - A Restaurants point of view

Swiggy Vs Zomato – A Restaurants point of view


Zomato 1.0 – Over the last few years,many sales executives came to me from Zomato.One thing i noticed-they were all “good looking” or atleast “much better than average looking” young women.Dont get me wrong,im not trying to objectify or comment on their looks,but i found it odd.Maybe it was just a coincidence? or maybe they were trying to entice the customer into buying the advertising space?Who knows.

Anyway,their main goal? – To get me buying ad slots on the portal,assuring me of great returns.I politely turned them down.

Zomato 2.0 – Then later they approached me for the online ordering.Twice.First time they were quoting too high a commission plus too many penalties and fees.I turned that offer down.

Second time was a middle aged seasoned salesman came, who was extremely pushy,and kept telling me that my “competition” has also joined so i should too.I told him to give me some time and i would contact them after a few weeks.

Swiggy – They never approached me at all.I sent them an email and was accepted without any hassle.



Zomato – A few years back when Zomato started online ordering,they didn’t provide delivery and we had to do the delivery ourself.I was given an expensive IPAD on which i would receive the orders.(They also asked me to pay some rent for that IPAD per month,to which i refused)The experience was horrible and i received about 3 orders in 2 months!AFter that,like it was some fault of my own,my privileges were withdrawn and the IPAD taken back,and my partnership was cancelled.

Swiggy – When i started online ordering with Swiggy,i was skeptical if it would work thinking of the disastrous experience with Zomato,but things went just the opposite.I was shocked by the amount of business it was getting in.It seemed like the customers loved it,and so did we- the restaurant partners.


Swiggy – All paper work,commission amounts etc were all very transparent.Terms and conditions,taxes etc were spelled out very clearly and my restaurant was on boarded within a few days of uploading the menu.

Zomato – Firstly,at the time of onboarding,they were asking a commision amount that was a crazy 8% more than Swiggy!After negotiation 4% was cut down from there,it was still high,but i agreed and sent in all the required documents.

LAter i was asked to pay another 1 % more for a GST related requirement.The senior sales manager was not divulging much information about this extra amount after asking her the details.She suddenly  then stopped accepting my calls and cut off all communication via email also.I found it very fishy.Why was she so scared to divulge any more information?Are they legitimately charging these extra taxes?


On the whole,Swiggy is a very honest company and nice people to deal with.Zomato is VERY different in many aspects.The people they employ also seem very sketchy and not upfront .

In the end,only one will survive and in business – honesty and sincerity always win.



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