Pork Vindalo Recipe

Pork Vindalo Recipe – This is one of the most popular goan dishes and no goan home or restaurant is complete without this vindalo. Though some people make it with chicken,prawns or beef,lets stick to the original and use pork.Ill give the the easiest,fastest way to prepare this classic recipe.I have heard that it has its roots in East Indian cooking,but this is our goan way of preparing it.

What you need – ingredients

  • 500 gms boneless pork with fat,cut in medium pieces
  • 12 kashmiri chillies
  • 3-4 peppercorns
  • ginger and garlic
  • 3-4 lavang and 1 dalchini
  • goan coconut vinegar
  • 4 large onions

Preparation of vindalo

Firstly start with grinding the masala. Combine all the kashmiri chilies,all the garam masala with ginger,garlic and grind with little vinegar and water.This should make a thick paste.

Take the pork pieces and pour this masala over it and let it marinate in it for 15-20 minutes.

In the meantime chop the onions fine and fry them with oil in a cooker.Cooker should be atleast 3 litres volume.

Once onion become soft,fry the ground masala and pork in it for 5 mts till it turns dark red with the cooker lid open.

Now add salt and half cup water and close the cooker lid.Keep on high flame till the first whistle.After this reduce to slow and cook for 20-25 minutes,or for another 4-5 whistles.

You can add potatoes if you like after 2 whistles.If you add potatoes first,then it will overcook as the time required for the meat is much more than for potatoes.

After opening the cooker,add a dash of sugar,vinegar – if needed.It should be the perfect balance of sour and slightly sweet.


Sometimes if there are large kashmiri chilies,then try and remove some of the seeds inside.There are two advantages to this.It will make the vindalo less spicy and also the seeds tend to give a bitter taste to the curry.To avoid this,remove half of the seeds.

Best eaten with :

Warm up a pao on the tava or micro and dip into the vindalo.If the vindalo is too spicy,eat it with rice.

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