Dodol in Mumbai

Dodol in Mumbai – Just like the goan bebinca sweet is sold at our restaurant in Mumbai,we also serve Dodol that is also as famous and delicious.For many who do not know what Dodol is – it is a dessert that is prepared with Palm jaggery that is native to Goa.

These Dodol desserts are sold currently either n quarter kg packs and sometimes even the Costa’s brand of half kg boxes.These are all transported from Goa and are only made there,they are not manufactured in Mumbai.

Dodol in Mumbai

Dodol in Mumbai

Dodol in almost never found anywhere in Mumbai just like Bebinca.The reason both these goan sweets are not produced locally is due to the fact that the ingredients that go into the authenticity and taste is available only in Goa therefore it cannot be made anywhere.

Dodol can be ordered directly from our online delivery partners swiggy and zomato as well as take away from the restaurant.

When available we also have them in half kg boxes from Costa’s. 

dodol in mumbai

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