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Gables Restaurant – Goan food in mumbai south – The various good goan dishes to try,buy or eat at colaba are Fish thali,prawn thali and bombil thali (bombay duck)are the best seafood dishes that you can try at Gables restaurant if you are ever in South Mumbai. Other side dishes are the Rava fried prawns , Mackeral Rechad(bangda), and surmai fry (kingfish).Also we have goa sausages,sorpotel and pot roast with mash.

Sorpotel and sannas


Sorpotel and sannas – Enjoy our steamed sannas that goes perfectly well with sorpotel,vindaloo,choris or just about any other goan dish from our menu.Its the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Mr.Gable in front of the daily specials circa 1975

Some of the daily specials were:

  • Spaghetti & Mince
  • Pork Vindalo
  • Mutton Crumbed Chops
  • Fish and Chips
  • Mutton Masala
  • Steak Onion Chips
  • Chicken Stew
  • Mixed Grill
  • 3 in 1 Ice cream
  • Triffle Pudding

Goan food in Mumbai – Gables is now tied up with Swiggy to deliver all over South Mumbai. Order at your office or home  and get timely delivery within 35 minutes.

What are our best sellers on Swiggy?

Some of the best selling famous dishes over the last 2 years on Swiggy are:

Go here to view and order from our swiggy page

Also serving on Zomato

You can order your favorite dishes on Zomato also.Go here to order now.

Lobster Thermidor

Done in the traditional Baked Thermidor style and also a spciy red masala version.Of course no one can beat the original Thermidor where the meat from the Lobster tail is cooked,scooped out,then recooked in a Bechamel and herb sauce.Thereafter put back into the tail and baked to a golden crust.

Chaoris Pao

Our best selling breakfast dish that can be also had all through the day!It is the traditional goa sausages that is stuffed into two paos.Sadly in Mumbai we do not get the round goan poie bread,so we have to settle for our Bombay laddi pao 🙁 . Nevertheless,because of the delicious sausages,it tastes as good!!

Goan food in mumbai

Fish Fingers

One of the best appetizers from our seafood section,is best had with a bowl of our homemade tartar sauce that you can dunk in.Since we have 10 digits on our hands,you will also get 10 fingers on your plate!Bon Appetit!


The queen of Goan desserts is always on the menu and comes fresh from Goa every 2 weeks!These are either home made round half kilo rings or Costaz’ brick variants,both of which are equally tasty.If you want a portion of Bebinca after your meal,we even serve two slices of it with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Surmai – Kingfish Slices

We have many varieties of fish on the menu and we do not buy them frozen from suppliers,only from the  local fish market fresh.Every morning when we source the fish,the freshest catch on the day is on the menu.On lucky days we get large slices of Surmai Fish like you see in the picture below,otherwise it is Rawas,Mackeral or/and Bombay Duck.

Goan food in mumbai

Mince Cutlets – Goan food in mumbai

Made in batches of two dozen at a time,our crumb fried mince cutlets are a perfect addition to any goan meal.Have them in house or take away,but remember that they are made only twice a week,so place your orders in advance if you want them any other time.

Goan food in mumbai

Pork Roast

On of our signature dishes,also known as Pot Roast or English Sunday Roast.Thankfully its available at Gables all week round!Served with potatoes of the day – either mash potato or Fries along with boiled vegetables.Our English pork is slow cooked and then sliced after which it is stewed in a pepper sauce.The other variant of this dish is the Pork chilly dry and the same roast pork block is used for that too.This is the chinese style variation and is a perfect starter to your meal.

Prawn Fry Thali

The prawn fry thali consists of rawa fried prawns that are lightly spiced and then coated in semolina after which it is crispy fried to perfection.Served with a delicate coconut curry,side dish,salad and papad.This dish is the perfect comfort food for a lazy afternoon lunch.Another variation to this is the special thali and the only difference is that in place of the plain coconut curry you get a prawn curry.

Baked Crab

Available 8 months of the year (we wished it were all year round).Baked crab or crab Thermidor is a continental style hardshell preperation in which we scoop out the crab meat,cook it in a bechamel sauce and then stuff it back into the shell.To finish it off,it is topped with cheese and baked.

Mixed Grill

This can esily be called a favorite because of its diversity,size and taste.It is a plate packed with chicken,ham,sausages,salami,french fries and topped with a fried egg!All these meats are sauteed in a barbeque sauce which has the right amount of tangy and sweetness.

Cheddar Baked Chicken

The highest selling chicken dish on the menu by far! It is a continental dish and is prepared with chopped chicken breast cooked in a cheesy bechamel sauce with spices herbs and roasted garlic.This delicious concoction is topped with a blend of mozzarella and cheddar and then baked to a golden crust.


There are a wide varieties of sizzling platters that are available on a daily basis.You can choose from Chicken Shashlik,Fish sizzler,Prawn Sizzler and the best of the lot – The American Grill.This all inclusive American Grill Sizzler has a hash of chopped chicken,chips,Ham,sausages,Salami,Rice and fried egg all cooked in a barbeque sauce.

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Roast Pork, Cheddar Baked Chicken, Fish Chips

In addition to our goan food we also have some great continental dishes,some of which are assorted and shown below.

Goan food in mumbai

XINANEO – Goan food in mumbai

Very rare to get xinaneo ( pronounced shinaneo) in mumbai but were lucky to get these on our menu.These are mussels and are usually found on the rocks in Goa,it sometimes makes its way to our fish markets here in Mumbai.Best had fried in masala and rava coating.

potato chops

Check our daily snacks counter for the dry specials of the day.You can find fish cutlets,mince potato chops or patties,chicken rolls,mutton rolls,lemon tarts and much more.

bangers and mash

Part of our English continental breakfast menu,this staple consists of frankfurters,mash potato and demi glace gravy.

stuffed roast chicken

Our christmas special Roast Stuffed chicken is pre booked 2 weeks in advance and has been a holiday favorite since the last 15 years.We take limited orders till the ovens are fully loaded and bake them in batches.The stuffing includes a mix of herbs,croutons,mince and dry fruits.

colaba mumbai roast chicken

fish n chips – Goan food in Mumbai

One of our top five best selling dishes on the menu and is available 12 months of the year.We give two boneless fillets of fish,crispy fries and tartar sauce.No English dish can be complete without the customary green veggies,carrots and lemon wedge.

fchips gables


mushroom risotto is a seasons special that is offered on our very limited vegetarian menu.It is made with button mushroom cream cheese cooked rice spiked with basil and parsley.Our in house tomato compote is served on the side.Acronym.

mushroom risotto in mumbai

Prawns chips salad

A Goan beach shack special that we have on our menu which consists of masala rawa fried crispy prawns,coconut vinegar spiked vegetable salad and french fries.

Crumbed Prawns, chips & salad in Mumbai

cheap goan food in mumbai

With most of the dishes under Rs.200,you can certainly say that Gables is a place where you get cheap goan food in mumbai.That too in South Mumbai on the bustling colaba causeway that is now populated with expensive new restaurants.

So why are we offering our food cheap?

All our goan food is reasonably priced for the simple reason that we want everybody,rich and small to come and get a taste of Goa in Mumbai, as well as recreate that nostalgic feeling of the years gone by,where the only thing that hasn’t changed is our food and hospitality.

Our Goa Sausages featured in Mid day

At Gables, a no-frills restaurant in Colaba, the sausages are supplied by a Goan aunty who sells it at the bustling Mapusa market in north Goa. “Several such local women sell the product. They’ve been making them for years without using any machines. No one knows the craft better than them,” reveals Joel Fernandes, third-generation owner of Gables that opened in 1956 and has been serving Goan fare for 10 years. He orders 25 kg every month. “Earlier, it was difficult to source but now, we’ve set up a system to obtain it via road where the sausages are put on a Mumbai-Goa bus.”


Not as famous as Bebinca,but a delicious dessert nonetheless.Made with jaggery,coconut milk and dry fruits –  this deep brown caramel colored delicacy is available during select months at our restaurant.

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