Fire Department NOC conditions and format letter request – Restaurant

Fire department NOC conditions and format letter request – Restaurant – In order to get an No Objection Certificate and request format letter from the Fire Brigade or Fire Department of your city, in order to conduct commercial activities in a specified premises for Restaurant,cafe or other public activity there are a few rules and guidelines that have to be followed.

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This is very important for restaurants, hotels,eateries or any other business that needs a fire to carry out certain operations. This NOC is an “OK” from the fire department, and is an extremely important document. Many other licenses depend on this Fire Brigade NOC, and if you do not procure this, then even other licenses may not be granted to your establishment.

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In order to get this NOC, you will have to first write an application to the Fire department, after which the fire officials will come and inspect the premises, only then will the NOC be issued if you fulfill all the requirements.

Fire Brigade NOC Conditions

1.Entrance, exit and clear passages need to be kept free from obstruction.

2.A clear passage of atleast one metre width should be provided  from front entrance to rear exit.

3.Electrical Wiring shall be laid in a metal conduit or PVC cable continuously bonded to earth.

4.Electric main switch shall be switched off before closing the premises

5.Electric wiring and electric installation shall be carried out at least 4feet height from the ground level.

6.Dwelling, smoking and heating (other than permitted) shall be strictly prohibited in the premises.

7.The premises shall be kept well ventilated and good house keeping shall be maintained.

8.Total number of LPG gas cylinders of 19.5kgs capacity each shall be restricted to two only (one in use and one as spare)

9.LPG gas cylinder shall be kept under non combustible cooking platform in vertical position at well ventilated place.

10.LP Gas cylinders shall be connected with approved type connection and other accessories and rubber or PVC supply pipe shall be used in the LPG installation.

11.LPG installation shall be carried out by the contractor/engineer approved by LPG company under the closed supervision of the technical expert same shall be confirmed to the gas for commercial and industrial use.

12.Total number of LPG burners of medium size shall not exceed two.

13.Loose LPG cylinder shall not be allowed to be kept in the premises

14.All the components and parts used in the LPG installation shall be standard type and approved quality

15.An exhst fan of adequate capacity shall be provided in the external wall of the kitchen and same shall be kept running during working hours.

16.Empty gas cylinders shall be replaced by the experienced person from authorized gas distribution company

17.Exiting loft/mezzanine on the premises shall get approved by the Assistant Engineer (Build. & Fact), till then the same shall not be used for any purpose.

18.The ceiling shall be cladded with non combustibile and non conductive material such as glass wool,so that the heat is not transferred to the upper first floor.

19.No storage shall be done  within the radius of 1meter from electric wiring, installation etc.

20.Two dry chemical powder type fire extinguishers of 5kg capacity bearing ISI mark and two sand buckets shall be kept on the premises.

Fire Department NOC conditions and format letter request

The premises mentioned above was  inspected in reference to application from Mr…..

Of (Premises name)……., for NOC requirements for the trade of ….. by using LPG cylinders/…. as a fuel.

This building structure is ground + (levels)…… brick walled,wooden/steel frame,open errace roof structure.

This is an existing premises measuring …. Sq feet/Sq metres,  and has one  entrance on the …side and the other entrance on the … side. IT possesses registration certificate of shops establishments, renewed upto period ……

As far as the department is concerned, there would be no objection to allow the party to carry out the trade or manufacture of……by the use of cylinders/….at the above said premises, subject to satisfactory compliance to the conditions from fire safety point of view.

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