6 small restaurant marketing tactics for the new age entrepreneur

6 small restaurant marketing tactics – The new age modern era eating houses need to be marketed differently when they newly open up so that they can quickly capture new customers.In all probability,the food will be good – the ambience and everything else will also be ok-the only thing that will fill up the seats is by getting the word out there – to the community and the neighbourhood.

 6 small restaurant marketing tactics

1.Instagram – Number one on the list is the social media giant.The reason i have not listed ” social media” in general is because i consider other social networks like facebook,twitter and pinterest to be inferior where food marketing is considered.

You need to showcase the beautiful instagram worthy pictures on your profile,share it with friends,then share it with a global audience by adding a hash tag to it.All this for free.You can connect with thousands of people who are following you,as well as those that dont.
Besides just showcasing of photos,it is also a great way to advertise events,offers and new dishes to keep your diners abreast of the latest buzz in your restaurant.

2.Online delivery – Delivery apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo not only bring in business via orders but also act like a search discovery platform for new customers.USers scroll through the listings in their area for new places to eat,as well as new cuisines to try.This is a free showcase through which the user can see your entire menu with pictures,prices and ratings – and of course order a dish from.

Since the past two years that i am using online delivery apps to sell food for my restaurant,the sales generated through these apps accounts for almost 40% of total daily sale.

3.Dine in apps – The same way the online delivery apps help you market your restaurant to get online orders,the dine in apps help you to get customers inside the restaurant.Your restaurant is listed with pictures and menu items and the app users can wither book a table online

4.Fusion – New age millenials are the ones that earn the most,eat out the most and spend the most.they come from all segments of gender/race/language – but one thing they have in common is – spending power.Cater to them by creating brand new dishes,brand new concepts – maybe a mix of cuisines – Indian Texmex , Cantonese Continental
A Mediterranean and African influenced samba sushi.Make it sound exotic,subtly tasting and most importantly beautifully presented so that they can click it for instagram!
The new age is all full of novel and innovative ideas.The only people willing to risk money on trying new things are the people who have a good income,like the IT crowd –  all paid atleast $100,000 salaries.

5.Yourself – In the new millenium,you are your biggest marketing tool.You are the face,the whole and soul of your restaurant. Personally meet and greet each ptron that walks in and make them feel at home.
Be accessible to them always,especially int the age of online deliveries where they order via a faceless cold app- you should be warmth on the other side of the phone when they call to customize that online order.
Most of all,merge your personal Instagram accounts and link it with your Restaurant Instagram page.Let all your followers get a little glimpse into your personal life as well.

Digital Payments – Not really a marketing move,but in a way something you need to incorporate as a payment mode.Not having digital payments will definitely see you lose a few customers.
The new age plastic money is the mobile phone not a credit card.Digital wallets and payment apps are the currency of the new age millennial.

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