Roast chicken mumbai

Roast chicken mumbai – Order our whole stuffed roast chicken in Mumbai and you can pay for it using our QR code shown below. For more information call us on 9224269773.This whole roast chicken is available in our Goan restaurant in Mumbai all through out the year and is a great dish for Christmas, Easter, parties and other occasions.

This stuffed roast chicken is priced very moderately at Rs.1200 for the entire dish. There will also be roasted potatoes and the basting brown sauce that will be provided separately to be poured on top when it is being carved.You can expect a wholesome large size of minimum 2kg before cooking.

This whole stuffed roasted chicken is marinated in our house blend of spices for 36 hours from the time we receive your order. Only after this is it stuffed, stitched and then kept in the oven for 5 hours on slow roast. This ensures the meat is falling of the bone and at the same time still retains its juicy texture.

Whole roast chicken mumbai

The stuffing includes mince,dry fruits,herbs and other various condiments and spices that make this dish a truly divine experience for the entire family.

roast chicken mumbai



There are various ways to pay for your order, however the best and quickest way to book your chicken is by using the QR code and paying through our online partner wallets like Paytm, Phonepe, Google pay etc. An online soft copy of your bill will be generated and sent to you via whatsapp or email.

Whole roast chicken mumbai

roast chicken mumbai

How to order your Whole roast chicken 

You can place your order by making the payment of Rs.1200 through the above QR CODE and then confirming the same with the restaurant. If there are certain changes that you want in the dish like mash potatoes, fries, different stuffing, smaller size of the bird -these can all be customized after talking to our restaurant manager.

However it is recommended that you take a full size chicken so that 5-6 equal portions can be easily carved and shared between a family or a group of friends.

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