Prawn Balchao in Mumbai

Prawn Balchao in Mumbai – Here at gables in colaba,where you get the best goan food in the city,you will also find fresh prawn balchao available in retail packs to take away.For many who do not know what this amazing goan delicacy is – it is a sweet,sour and spicy prawn pickle that can be had as a side accompaniment with rice cury to give that extra dash of incredible taste.

It is moderately priced at Rs.120 per packet of 200 gms each and also comes in another lip smacking variant of bombay duck balchao which is also available in store.

prawn balchao in mumbai

These packs of fresh prawn balchao are delivered to us direct from Goa and are manufactured by Karma- which is a subsidiary of Costaz food products that produce Bebinca also.

Prawn Balchao in Mumbai

Besides fresh prawn balchao,we also stock Bombay duck Balchao when in season.the method of making prawn balchao is to first create the recheado masala paste that is also used in the preparation of recheado fish fry.It is a tangy and yet spicy red masala ground from kashmiri red chillies,spices and goan coconut vinegar.

This spicy recheado masala is then marinated with the prawns for half a day and then simmered on slow heat till all the spices are pickled well with the prawn.The vinegar acts as a natural preservative.

How should you eat Prawn Balchao?

Since it is spicy,sour and slightly sweet,this makes it quite powerful and bursting with flavours.It also makes it heavy on the stomach,therefore you need to take just a little bit on the side of your plate along with rice and gravy(could be fish curry-Xit Cody) or even a plain dal.

The idea of the balchao is to give a sharp taste to whatever you are eating and enhance the flavour of it.

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